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"My name is Pascal. I am the French Canadian behind the Maskurbate concept. In June 2006, in search of a kick, as I was working for a major corporation, I approached on a dating website a muscled Asian guy nicknamed Tiger. I offered him to go to his house and make a home movie with him. He told me he would, only if I shot him below the shoulders. That's when I got the idea to find a mask so he could hide a part of his face.

I liked it so much that I multiplied my offers to other hot guys. As I was having fun with those ripped muscular bodies, I was creating, almost by accident, a unique gay porn site that has nothing to do with fetishism. It was only a classier and sexier way of making porn, as real as it can be.

What makes Maskurbate so special? Intimacy. I am alone with the dude, I am his only audience. Like a kid in a candy store, I stare at his huge uncut cock, waiting to show him what I've learned through the years. No crew, just me and my camera. The names may have been changed and they may hide their faces, but they are not faking their orgasms. These mostly straight guys have experienced sex with another guy. You now have the chance to watch us, as you were in the room. I welcome you into my very private world, in a very respectful way.